Workplace Investigations

Poirier ADR

There are many reasons why investigations may be required in the workplace from time to time. As more employers discover the growing potential for liability under human rights and health and safety legislation, common law, as well as under their collective agreements, so grows the demand for proper investigation procedures and policies.

When an employer decides to undertake an investigation into a potential breach of its rules or policies, or a potential incident of harassment or discrimination, there are just as many reasons to tread carefully. The rights of complainants, respondents and others in the organization all warrant careful consideration by a fair, competent and thorough investigator.

During her 15 years as a labour and employment lawyer, Lynne Poirier has developed significant expertise in advising and training employers in the best ways to avoid the pitfalls of inadequate workplace investigations. Lynne is comfortable interviewing participants in both official languages and preparing reports and recommendations to meet the needs of any organization. Lynne can also assist organizations in developing or reviewing respectful workplace, or harassment and discrimination policies and procedures.