Poirier ADR

Mediation is a voluntary, efficient process that allows disputants to negotiate their own solution to a problem with the assistance of a neutral third party called a mediator. Through mediation, parties can reach their own workable settlement, on terms that make sense to them.

A mediator helps the parties find common ground and overcome the outstanding issues that are getting in the way of resolving their differences. Through the mediation process, parties benefit from the mediator’s training in different conflict resolution techniques, often using creative communication approaches that encourage a thorough exploration of options that is often overlooked in the traditional litigation channels.

Mediation is the conflict resolution method that provides parties with the most control over their settlement, and is typically the least costly and most efficient path to a dispute resolution. Most often, disputes can be resolved in one mediation session.

Poirier ADR offers full-day and half-day mediation sessions in Moncton, Halifax, Ottawa, and surrounding areas. Customized sessions can be arranged for workplaces requiring pre-arbitration mediation or harassment/discrimination complaints resolution assistance.

At the request of public or private sector employers, or collective bargaining parties, Poirier ADR can help design a wide range of conflict resolution systems.

With over 15 years’ practising labour and employment law, Advanced ADR training through the University of Windsor Faculty of Law, and a designation from the ADR Institute of Canada as a Qualified Mediator, Lynne Poirier has the recognized expertise and experience to guide parties in an efficient and confidential mediation process that will lead them to a resolution that makes sense to them.