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Mediation is a voluntary, efficient process that allows disputants to negotiate their own solution to a problem with the assistance of a neutral third party called a mediator. Through mediation, parties can reach their own workable settlement, on terms that make sense to them. A mediator helps the parties find common ground and overcome the


Often used as a process to resolve labour or commercial disputes, arbitration is the adjudication by a neutral third party of a conflict between two or more parties where the parties typically choose the decision-maker. Arbitration is commonly used in the Canadian labour context to resolve disputes concerning the interpretation, application or violation of collective


Providing adequate training to employees is a great way to reduce the risk related to potential health and safety and human rights violations. It also increases motivation and productivity in the workplace, as well as compliance and satisfaction levels. Poirier ADR provides standard or customized workshops for organizations or groups of individuals seeking to develop their

Workplace Investigations

There are many reasons why investigations may be required in the workplace from time to time. As more employers discover the growing potential for liability under human rights and health and safety legislation, common law, as well as under their collective agreements, so grows the demand for proper investigation procedures and policies. When an employer