Poirier ADR

Often used as a process to resolve labour or commercial disputes, arbitration is the adjudication by a neutral third party of a conflict between two or more parties where the parties typically choose the decision-maker.

Arbitration is commonly used in the Canadian labour context to resolve disputes concerning the interpretation, application or violation of collective agreement terms (rights arbitration). It is also frequently used as a method of adjudicating disputes to determine the terms of a collective agreement where negotiations by the parties have been unsuccessful (interest arbitration).

Arbitration is an efficient and private method of resolving legal disputes. It is generally less costly and lengthy than traditional litigation and allows the parties more control over their process. It is recommended that the parties have attempted negotiation and/or mediation prior to submitting a dispute to arbitration.

Lynne Poirier offers half-day or full-day arbitration hearings in English or French. She is experienced at conducting hearings using videoconferencing platforms.

If Lynne is chosen as arbitrator, her practise is to convene a preliminary meeting with counsel and the parties to ensure the participants have a clear understanding of the matters in dispute and to establish the procedure to be followed at arbitration. This step can be done in person or by telephone conference.

Trained by the ADR Institute of Canada in general commercial arbitration, certified as a Chartered Arbitrator, and with over 20 years’ experience in labour law, Lynne is committed to working with parties so that their arbitration proceedings are carried out in a respectful, expeditious and cost effective manner.

Lynne is a roster adjudicator for the New Brunswick Public Service, a roster arbitrator for New Brunswick Expedited Arbitrations, and a roster arbitrator for the Nova Scotia Civil Service. She is on the Nova Scotia Minister of Labour Skills and Immigration’s List of Arbitrators, and on the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society’s Hearing Committee.